About Us

About Us

JPS GROUP is a private Romanian Company founded in 2006. The main object of activity of the Company is the manufacturing of metal constructions and metal parts.


Even since the beginning, our main target was achieving performance and excellence, in close connection with the market requirements, leading the satisfaction of our clients at high levels. By providing services related to national and international standards in force, JPS GROUP assumed to comply with construction safety and quality as well as environment standards.

Promptly and correctly honoring contractual obligations and also respecting work deadlines and budgets, makes JPS GROUP a serious and performing partner, capable of finalizing the projects undertaken both by rigorous coordination of work, and also by executing them at high quality. We can also approach complex projects, with the possibility of movement in various locations in the country and overseas of staff, machinery, equipment and supplies specific to the type of work.

JPS GROUP has implemented and maintained a quality insurance system according to SR EN ISO 9001-2001. Our company focuses on customer satisfaction in order to prevent defects or malfunctions at all stages: design, assembly and after-sale services.

The most important share in the Company’s structure is represented by welders, metallic locksmiths and painters. We are oriented towards development that is why we invest in our staff! We focus on stable and balanced relationships between employees through effective communication, self-knowledge for a better and more effective teamwork. All this has left a mark in the day-to-day activity, which resulted in personal development and peer unit, thus obtaining high performance in terms of quality and quantity.

At the moment, JPS GROUP main target is strengthening the Romanian market and increasing its activity on the international market, both as a provider of specialized labor, as well as producer / constructor. Thus, we intend to invest in new equipment for a high quality standard, but also in training of employees, both by organizing internal and external courses.

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