JPS GROUP executes works in the following fields:




Metalic structures
Naval constructions

JPS GROUP executes and mounts different ironworks, used for the civil buildings, as well as for industrial buildings. For the execution of ironworks, JPS GROUP has a wide range of equipment and machinery, by which a high degree of quality of the executed works is ensured.

JPS GROUP executes as well new ship building works, for inland and marine transport: cutting-off, processing, installation works, mounting, abrasive cleaning and painting works.

We have the capacity to process the following materials:

  •  carbon steel and low-alloy steel;
  •  high and low temperature resistant steel;
  •  stainless steel and heat-resisting steel;
  •  coated and duplex steel;
  •  copper and its alloys (brass, bronze);
  •  aluminum and aluminum alloys;
  •  super-alloy steel with Ni (Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy);

Besides the above-mentioned, our company may execute the following works:

  •  steel structures for railway and road bridges units;
  •  structures under pressure;
  •  high-voltage poles;
  •  all types of welded structures.

JPS GROUP owns the following types of equipment:

Lifting equipment

  • bridge cranes with a height to the hook of 10-15 m, maximum load of 5 tones and 12.5 tones.

Cutting-off equipment:

  • cross-cut shear for sheet metal with a width of 2000 (mm) and thickness of 10 (mm);
  • automatic plasma cutting-off machine for sheet metal with a thickness of maximum 80 (mm);
  • automatic oxi-gas cutting-off machine for sheet metal with a thickness of maximum 120 (mm);
  • band saws for cutting-off profiles and blooms – maximum 200 (mm);
  • bachines for adjusting sheet metal - maximum length - 12 (m).

Products manufacturing equipment:

  • press for bending sheet metal (abkant), maximum width of 3000 mm and thickness of 10 mm.
  • rolls for drums with widths between 300 and 3000 mm and maximum thickness of 30 mm.
  • circling automatic submerged welding machine with maximum diameter of 4770 mm.
  • welding equipment for manual electric welding.
  • automatic welding machine (type AST 3 welding machine).
  • longitudinal submerged welding machine with maximum length of 3000 mm.
  • inert gas welding machine: MIG, TIG, WIG.
  • welding machine for the submerged plating strip..
  • measuring control instruments specific for producing, installation and mechanical activities.

Equipment for preparing the surfaces for products processing and final protection

  • sable cleaning and preparation machines for sheet metal.
  • bench for chemical cleaning (alkaline of acid cleaning), degreasing and capping.
  • mobile units for painting by spraying and brushwork.